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Progress THQ Alizai
Key Performance IndicatorsFrequency of
Progress of July, 2022Progress of Aug, 2022Progress of Sep, 2022Consolidated
July-Sep, 2022
Average daily OPD AttendanceMonthly819196.1897.6695
Percentage of Age & Gender Wise Utilization of OPDMonthly0M=49.20%, F=50.80%M=49.20%, F=50.80%M=49.27 F=50.73%M=49.20%, F=50.80%
Percentage of Referred cases attended at the Facility OPDMonthly0000
Percentage of follow up OPD casesMonthly0000
Average daily emergency service utilizationMonthly29622.722.6718.4621.276666666667
Average daily Specialty wise OPD utilizationMonthly0011.939.2925.5
Per Capita OPD AttendanceMonthly0348361268325.66666666667
Percentage of Lab services Utilization (OPD)Monthly00.08690.15560.23320.1585
Percentage of Lab services Utilization (Indoor)Monthly0000
Percentage of X-Ray Services Utilization (OPD)Monthly00.03070.02580.03270.0297
Percentage of X-Ray Services Utilization (Indoor)Monthly0000
Average Length of Stay (ALOS)Monthly0000
Percentage of Hospital Death Among Admitted patientsMonthly0000
Percentage of Left Against Medical Advice (LAMA)Monthly0000
Annual per capita Hospital Admission RateAnnual0000
Percentage of Full Immunization CoverageMonthly00.070.110.340.173
Measles CoverageMonthly00.170.170.340.2266
Percentage of TT2 CoverageMonthly00.
Percentage of Antenatal Care (ANC) CoverageMonthly00.60.670.360.5433
Average Number of ANC AttendancesMonthly02.853.191.52.6666666666667
Prevalence of Anemia among first ANC attendanceMonthly0000
Percentage of Postnatal care (PNC) CoverageMonthly0000
Percentage of delivery Coverage at health FacilityMonthly00.18180.05710.08330.1067
Annual OPD case Load ProfileAnnual0000
Annual top 5 communicable & top five
non-communicable diseases at ODP
Annual IPD case load profileAnnual0000
Percentage of OPD Diarrheal Cases (Under 5 children)Monthly000.30520.6860.495
Percentage of Diarrheal fatality among under 5 children admitted for DiarrheaMonthly0000
Percentage of OPD Pneumonia Cases (Under 5 children)Monthly000.09470.02380.0595
Percentage of Pneumonia Fatality Among under 5 Children admitted with PneumoniaMonthly0000
OPD Malaria Cases Per 1000 PopulationMonthly000.02060.02280.01
Malaria case admissions per 1000 PopulationMonthly0000
Percentage of Malaria Fatality among admitted Malaria CasesMonthly0000
Percentage of malaria slide positivityMonthly00.05470.04210.11960.0721
Percentage of Plasmodium Falciparum slide positivityMonthly0000
OPD Suspected Measles CasesMonthly0000
Neonatal tetanus cases admittedMonthly0000
Percentage of OPD Malnourished children
< 5 years
Percentage of Low Birth Weight (LBW)Monthly0000
Expected Obstetric Complications admittedMonthly0000
Expected Caesarean section performedMonthly0000
Percentage of Fatality among admitted Obstetric complication casesMonthly0000
Percentage of New born case Fatality in Health facility Monthly0000
Percentage of Still birth among all births taking place in the facilityMonthly0000
Percentage of STI (Sexual Transmitted Infections) cases among OPD casesMonthly0000
Percentage of Hepatitis C-VE (among patients screened for Hepatitis)Monthly0000
Percentage of Hepatitis C+VE (among patients screened for Hepatitis)Monthly0000
Budget ReleaseN/AN/A000
Total unspent budget for each head/line itemN/AN/A000
Per capita non-salary budget allocationN/AN/A000
Stock out of tracer drugs/suppliesN/AN/A000
Proportion of Staff position filled by category0000
Surgical SpecialistMonthly0000
Medical SpecialistMonthly0000
Children SpecialistMonthly00111
Medical OfficersMonthly21222
Women Medical officersMonthly11222
Dental Medical OfficerMonthly11222
Male Staff NursesMonthly04333
Female staff NursesMonthly51111
Management StaffMonthly0000
Proportion of staff Position Monthly0
Proportion of Specialist staff Position filledMonthly000.14280.14280.14
Proportion of staff position filled of paramedical staffMonthly000.44440.44440.44
Facility waste disposalRoutine0NONONONO
Emergency Obstetric careRoutine0Yesyesyesyes
Blood bank screening FacilitiesFunctional0NONONONO
DHIS/HMIS Reporting complianceMonthly0yesyesyesyes
DHIS/HMIS Reporting time linesMonthly0yesyesyesyes
DHIS/HMIS Reporting Completeness Monthly0yesyesyesyes
DHIS/HMIS Reporting AccuracyMonthly0yesyesyesyes
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